Medical Alert Clip - Hearing Impaired

Medical Alert Clip - Hearing Impaired

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The Hearing Impaired Medical Alert Clip is a medical alert used to convey to first responders in an emergency that the owner is Hearing Impaired. You can attach the Medical Alert Clip onto a pocket, backpack, bag, briefcase, purse, hat, or practically anything you carry with you. You can also attach it to a seatbelt. If you can't speak for yourself because you are in shock, unconscious, incapacitated, or are simply unable to communicate effectively, a Medical Alert Clip can speak for you.

Materials: PC & Stainless Steel
Graphics: UV Hardened Ink
Dimensions: L: 2.865” H: 0.596” T: 0.105"
Weight: 0.18 oz.

Material: SS
Finish: PVD
Dimensions: L: 3.100” W: 0.596” T: 0.300"
Weight: 0.3 oz.

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