Medical Alert Clips by Keyport

FillAble is proud to offer Keyport Medical Alert Clips! 


What Are Medical Alert Clips?

Medical Alert Clips are an effective way of letting first responders know critical information during a medical emergency in the case you or your loved one is unable to communicate. Medical Alert Clips are medical IDs that use a Faceplate attached to an Anywhere Pocket Clip to convey a wide range of medical conditions such as allergy requiring an EpiPen, autism, diabetes, epilepsy, and more. Clip them onto a pocket, backpack, bag, briefcase, purse, hat, or practically anything you carry with you. A common use case is to clip them onto a seatbelt. If you can't speak for yourself because you are in shock, unconscious, incapacitated, or are simply unable to communicate effectively, Medical Alert Clips can speak for you.

Keyport team member and parent of an autistic child, Aimee Henkel designed the first Medical Alert Clip to provide a unique and valuable way to let people know that her daughter would need special attention in case of an emergency as she would be unable to advocate for herself.

Medical Alert Clips are an effective way of letting first responders know critical information during a medical emergency in the case you or your loved one is unable to communicate.

"One of my biggest concerns is that in an accident or natural disaster first responders will not be able to properly assist Ella if they are unaware she has autism. It is so important that anyone coming to her aid understands that she may not respond and may resist help. We use the Medical Alert Clips... more than one :) on her clothing, backpack, and seatbelt in addition to her dog tag." ~ Aimee

Aimee simply attaches the Medical Alert Clip to Ella's clothing or backpack when they go out. Hopefully she never needs it, but Medical Alert Clip could help Ella tell her story to first responders if she is unable to.

Why are Medical Alert Clips Important?

In addition to communicating critical information in an emergency, Medical Alert Clips can prevent small problems from becoming big ones.

For example:

  • Understanding that a patient is autistic and unable to communicate in a traditional way is an important first step to helping her.
  • Knowing that a man going into shock has a serious shellfish allergy and carries an Epipen somewhere on his person or in his bag can be the difference between a quick resolution to a blocked airway or trip to the hospital... or worse.
  • Learning that a woman who just fainted is a diabetic lets those first responders know to quickly address her blood sugar level in order to help her regain her senses and communicate how she is feeling. Avoiding an ambulance ride to the hospital can potentially save thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Time to diagnosis and treatment is often a major factor in determining a patient's outcome. Without communicating vital information like food or drug allergies, chronic illness, mental illness, or a disability, the stress and confusion of an emergency can be quickly compounded with uninformed treatment decisions in the heat of the moment. 

To be clear, we do not view Keyport Medical Alert Clips as a replacement for medical id bracelets, medical id jewelry, or medical id dog tags. We view Medical Alert Clips as a complement to those products and an additional layer of protection. By being visible to first responders in a different way - clipped to a backpack, to clothing, or even on a seatbelt - they provide piece of mind knowing that it can shave critical minutes gathering vital information and save the day at a time when you can't save yourself or your loved one.

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