From me being very small my mom noticed that I had disabilities and would do her best to make sure that I and her children had the best that life could offer and the best opportunities in life. She had a wonderful way of thinking outside of the box. I use my disabilities to my advantage! From the time I was very small she would take me out into nature whenever I would get upset, confused, I just can't deal with the outside world. Whether it was to walk the dog on the beach, pick wild flowers or take a walk in the woods. She was always my best support! I find today that I have to incorporate some form of art into my daily life in order to keep me happy and successful whether it be sketching, drawing, painting, picture taking, so on and so on! It doesn't always have to be blood that creates your family! So that being said, I would like to thank all of you for considering my artwork and the beauty that I have that I stand for and my morals that I bring joy Smiles into your home and your family! Thank you once again for enjoying and considering my artwork.    Joy and love to all Tamara Morse  (tee)