Meet The FillAble Family.  

As parents of kids on the Autism Spectrum we have seen a need for services with a focus on workplace training and migrating into the workplace, for young adults with autism and other disabilities.

We started FillAble to help young adults gain the confidence and skills they need to adapt from school to the workplace, alongside their peers. 

The basics of workplace etiquette and understanding expectations is fundamental to becoming and maintaining employment. For young adults with disabilities, this can be challenging. We believe that with adaptive programs, catered to the individual, we can help prepare these young adults, and employers for a success!





Living in Las Vegas since 1992, Allen seems to know everyone due in part to his many years managing local nightspots and the University bar scene. If you need anything He literally “has got a guy” and he’s a bit of a historian of the Vegas Valley. Al loves classic cars and is a big time VW enthusiast; you can often find him at one of the local car shows. He is also a master chef of Vegan BBQ, (yes, that exists!) and is a champion of the special needs community.

He has volunteered and managed dozens of programs and fundraisers benefitting children and their families here in Nevada and beyond. His heart truly is too big as he is always looking for new ways to be in service to others. However, his greatest accomplishment is being a loving husband to his wife Jenn and a father to his two fantastic children Jamie and Joselyn.


Aimee Henkel


Originally from California, Aimee worked in high profile retail management all over Orange County and LA for over 15 years with retailers like Guess and Luxottica. Aimee took her extensive retail experience to the E-commerce world where she runs operations for Keyport Inc, which ships to over 160 counties with distribution across many e-commerce platforms such as; Amazon, Walmart and many more.

With an 18-year-old daughter on the Autism Spectrum, diagnosed at 18 months old, she is a longtime advocate for Autism Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion. Aimee is married to Christopher Magnusen who has an extensive background in teaching and working with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum. As a hobby, Aimee enjoys the challenge of desert gardening and has become quite the aloe vera farmer. She has also recently become an extremely amateur Poker player. 




A Logistics professional in the International exhibits industry, Matt has coordinated projects from Moscow to Singapore to Milan and at hundreds of venues worldwide. 

When not traveling the globe he resides in Las Vegas with his wife Monica, Sons Mauricio and Julian and his daughter Giovanna who is on the Autism Spectrum.  It is Giovanna’s unique abilities that lead Matt to work with in the community supporting children and families effected by Autism and other needs.  Matt has volunteered at dozens of events and fundraisers over the years and now is taking his passion to work with people with all different abilities to the next level.